Student Visa


Effective immediately, and for the first time, international students would be able to obtain an open work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, with no restrictions on the type of employment and no requirement for a job offer. In addition, the duration of the work permit has been extended for up to three years across the country. Previously, the program only allowed international students to work for one or two years, depending on location.

Open and longer work permits provide international students with more opportunities for Canadian work experience and skills development. This will, in turn, help make Canada a destination of choice, and help us keep international students already studying in Canada.”

The increased flexibility offered by the expanded program will benefit graduates and employers alike as the program will help international students get important work experience while responding to Canada’s labor market needs. Canada will benefit in the long run as the professional experience gained will help graduates meet the requirements to stay permanently in Canada.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program has added to the list of good reasons to study in Canada. Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. Today Canadian schools and universities rank among the best in the world. As a high tech country, Canada is also an international leader in computer and information technologies and has a reputation for excellence in such sectors as telecommunications, transportation and engineering.

The country’s high standard of living and its safe and beautiful environment also make Canada an ideal place for study. Canada’s policy of encouraging multicultural diversity has resulted in a welcoming environment where almost all of the world's ethnic groups are represented. With most ethnic foods and recreational activities associated with specific cultures available in Canada .Students will surely feel right at home studying in Canada.

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