Family Sponsorship


Do you wish to Sponsor a Spouse or eligible family member living with them to come to Canada. Call us for detailed options and a smooth process.

Has your case been refused ? We may be able to represent you successfully in front of the Immigration Appeals Division, Immigration Refugee Board or the CBSA. Whether it is a Spousal Appeal , Residency Application or an Inadmissibility Appeal, We can Help.

Reuniting the family has always been a priority under Canadian Immigration rules.

The sponsor has to be age eighteen and over. The following can be sponsored

  • Spouse, Common-law/same-sex partner,Conjugal partner
  • Their dependent children under age twenty-two (22)
  • Their dependent children age twenty-two (22) and over (if they are full-time (15 hours per week or more) students, mentally or physically disabled and dependent on their parents)
  • Adopted children or to be adopted
  • Parents
  • Grandparents

Dependent children of a sponsored immigrant may be included in that person's application.

Please contact ICAN if you have any query relating to any aspect of a Family category application. CLICK HERE

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